Why we recommend baby carrying

Studies have shown that carrying a baby close to you is beneficial for both baby and mom.


  • Baby is soothed by the sound of mother's heat beat.
  • Comforted by the familiar sound of her voice.
  • Decreases baby's stress levels with the smell and touch of skin-to-skin contact.
  • Baby is calmed by the gentle caress of mom's hands as she instinctively massages baby just as she massaged her pregnant tummy.
  • Baby is soothed by the gentle motion of your baby which in turn stimulates the baby's vestibular system. This stimulation improves baby's muscle tone, balance and gross motor development.


  • Offers mom a stress-free and hands-free opportunity to move around freely at home or outdoors. Whilst still maintaining that all important close reassurance for both you and baby.
  • Improves parental attachment and confidence.
  • Facilitates successful breastfeeding.
  • Helps to manage postpartum depression Improves parental attachment and parenting confidence.