Is the 3 in 1 Nurture shirt Machine washable?

Washing Instructions:
• Hand wash or cold machine washable
• Cool Iron
• Tumble Dry – cool

After Washing:
Before use make sure that the fabric and seams of the shirt are in good condition. If there are worn areas of fabric, rips, loose seams or other visible signs of damage or deterioration to the shirt, discontinue use.

Can my baby face out in the Nurture shirt?
NO! SnuggleRoo Nurture Shirt has not been designed to carry baby forward facing. The latest research indicates that forward facing carriers:
• Does not support your baby's legs
• Makes it tough for the wearer to carry the baby.
• May overstimulate your baby
• Doesn't support the head or the neck

Research warns moms not to carrying your baby facing out

Why should you not have baby facing out?