Community Care

Tshwane Place of Safety Association

SnuggleRoo is proud to have donated Nurture shirts to the caregivers looking after the premature babies at Tshwane Haven care for abandoned premature, sick and vulnerable babies.

They are in need of your support and encouragement, please contact them for any further information. Tshwane Haven is under management of TPOSA and focuses on the needs of babies and toddlers with medical problems.

The objectives of the Haven are:

LITTLE STEPS … support for premature babies their parents and medical professionals

SnuggleRoo have joined Dr Willma Lubba ‘s Little steps programme to promote and educate parents in the importance of Kangaroo Care in premature babies. Please see the website for the dates of talks and workshops.

The aim of the Little StepsR website is to provide parents of premmies* and healthcare professionals caring for them with the latest information and techniques required to nurture them in growing and reaching their developmental goals.  The guidelines in this website will help you to interpret the preterm baby’s unique premmie language, support parent-infant bonding and attachment processes and return the parenting role to the parents of the preterm baby(s).

Thank you from Tshwane Haven

Thank you so much for donating two Snuggleroo wraps to Jeanette Birell and myself.
This will make KMC [Kangaroo Mother Care] easier now that we can put our premature babies skin to skin in the shirt.. Without donations from people like yourselves, we would not be able to help the children that need special care.